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Kashmir is an explorer's first decision destination. Excellent nature, great atmosphere, flawless individuals and delightful cooking; that is the thing that anticipates you in Kashmir.

Safe My Trip is India's first photograph visit organization offering strange photography visits. With our skill in photography and travel, our destination adventurer is prepared to take you Paradise in Earth "Kashmir" for photography visit. Be it brief term photograph workshop or a bad-to-the-bone photography campaign; from scene photography to picture, from narrating casings to way of life photography; we Kashmir Tour can uniquely design your photography visit to Kashmir. Our Kashmir travel photography workshop joined by expert picture taker for Kashmir photograph visit is balanced workshop with little number of members where in we detail all part of travel photography. Additionally our Kashmir Photography Tour and Kashmir Photography Workshop is interested in every one of the members; be it beginner picture taker or expert photographic artist; be it a voyager with enthusiasm to investigate the rough and off beaten ways; Kashmir photography visit invites you to Kashmir.

2016 Fixed Departure Kashmir Photography Tour

This photography visit to Kashmir will be joined by our in house travel picture takers with an ordeal of 10 years in photography and travel. To know more around 2015 altered flight Kashmir Photography Tour, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Day 1: Arive Delhi

overnight stay in delhi

Day 2: Delhi to Leh

Reach Leh by Indian Airlines or Jet Airways flights. Leh is principle Center of Ladakh. With the tenants of 50,000, Leh is situated in little valley simply the north of Indus valley. The sightseers are encouraged to take complete rest for the best possible acclimatization to the high elevation air.

Day 3: Leh to Hemis Monastery for the celebration (48 km)

Soon after the breakfast, the gathering will visit the Hemis religious community for the celebration and around 3 p.m. toward the evening the gathering will move back to Leh and in transit, the gathering will visit two more well known religious communities i.e Shey and Thiksey.

Day 4: Leh to Lamayuru (124 kms)

The entire is devote to for the neighborhood touring Lamayuru: After investigating towns around the zone, it comes as a shock to find that Lamayuru is a scruffy little place. The gompa is the totally eclipsed and most well known tremendous religious community in Ladakh. In transit the gathering can likewise visit the Alchi and Rizong religious communities. Alchi religious community is renowned gompa for the 1000-year old divider painting, which make a visit more than beneficial. Rizong cloister about the six kms along a steepish, rough track from the primary street is the begins of the range with the religious shelter of Julochen and the gompa of Rizong having a place with the Gelukpa groups.

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Day 5: Local Sight seeing, Leh Bazaar, Leh Palace and Sankar gompa

The entire day is devoted to the shopping and to find some fascinating things about Ladakhi craftsmanship and social by the meeting the Tibetan outcasts camp Choklamsar, Library and Ecological Development and so on. The ladies' vegetable business sector toward the evening and some intriguing spot to visit. Also, the night the Sankar cloister.

Leh Gompa:

It is arranged over the Leh Palace and was inherent 1430. It contains a 13.7 meters high statue of the Buddha which the Ladakhi call Chamba. As indicated by the Lamas this mind blowing statue is the future Buddha. A margarine blazes day and night before this statue.

Sankar Gompa:

Only 3 kms from Leh is this religious community that has an impressive accumulation of smaller than expected of unadulterated gold and various energizing painting. It is sufficiently bright and might be gone by at night also.

Day 6: Leh to kargil

We will leave early morning and advance through all encompassing towns and achieve Sonmarg which is 2,700 meters high in time for lunch. Along the way we will stop at ethnic Pushtan towns (Afghani Tribe) to photo. Kargil ought to be achieved late evening after this 7 hour ride through the high mountain ranges.

Day 7: kargil Dha Hanu kargil

We will have an entire day photoshoot in the towns of Dha and Hanna. Down the Indus, in the middle of Khaltse and the Shyok – Indus juncture, carry on an individuals known as Dropk-Pa, Buddhists in name, however racially and socially unmistakable from whatever remains of the Ladakhis. This is a group of close to one thousand, their elements are immaculate Indo-Aryan, and they seem to have safeguarded their racial immaculateness as the centuries progressed. These individuals are tall, good looking, well disposed and greatly photogenic. We will be exploring nature tonight by and by.

Day 8: kargil to srinagar

Today we will photo the structurally huge mosques and encompassing road scenes. The Hazratbal mosque is situated in a town of the same name on the banks of the Dal. Its immaculate white marble tastefulness is reflected in the waters of the lake. Hazratbal's uncommon hugeness is gotten from the way that it houses a hair of the prophet Muhammad. Hazratbal is amazing for being the main domed mosque in Srinagar; the others having particular pagoda like rooftops. The place of worship – mosque complex is arranged on the western shore of the Dal Lake inverse Nishat Bagh and charges a terrific perspective of the lake and the mountain past.

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The Hari Parbath post on Sharika slope was developed in the eighteenth century by Atta Mohammed Khan. The first sanctuary on the Shankaracharya slope is accepted to have been worked by Ashoka's child Jaluka around 200 BC, on the site of the Takht-i-Suleiman or the throne of Solomon.

Day 09 : Srinagar

We will have an early morning Shikara ride on Dal Lake. The lake is dabbed with many houseboats lined-up in a steady progression. Scorch Chinar, Nehru Park are cookout spots inside of the lake. We will photo the gliding sustenance markets, blossom markets and little pontoons coming to do trade.

Toward the evening we will visit and shoot the old city of Srinagar . Of unique premium is the Khanqah of Shah Hamadan arranged on the banks of the stream Jhelum, between the third and fourth extension. It is the principal mosque ever worked in Srinagar.

The Jama Masjid at Nowhatta, in the heart of the old city, is the other critical mosque in Srinagar at which a large number of individuals assemble for the Friday petitions to God. Of forcing extents, the mosque is worked around a yard and is bolstered by 370 wooden columns. We will walk the roads of this old Islamic propelled city and focus on the bazaar range capturing primitive Kashmiri specialists as they make crafted works.

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Day 10 : Srinagar

In the morning we will shoot the Mughal gardens. Nishat, the Garden of Bliss based on Dal Lake by Empress Noor Jehan's is laid more than seven patios and an engineering gem These greenhouses are immaculate samples of the Mugal style with terraced yards, evergreen cypress trees, blooming shrubberies and organic product trees.

Toward the evening we will drive to Taelbal which is 17 km from Srinagar and we will photo the villagers as they lead their day by day lives. A creek goes through the town and there are ranches on both sides. The water is emerald blue and appears to be stunning. Local people participate in net angling and we will photo the angler at work. Subsequently we will stroll through the town, where we will see the villagers planting rice and working the rich fields.

Day 11 : Srinagar

Expressions and specialties are an essential piece of life in Kashmir. We will photo the shawl-producers, rug and fabric weavers , potters and calligraphers. In downtown Srinagar where numerous skilled workers live, we will photo Kashmiris slouched over hookahs or Kangri. We will shoot them as they are occupied with following or hand artworks flying creatures, organic products, blooms and tree limbs. Pashmina shawls or even pashmina sarees that were once prized treasure as settlement blessings amongst well-off Kashmiris will be shot

At night, we will have a Sufi show on the houseboat.

Day 12 : Srinagar to Aru

After breakfast look at from houseboat and continue to Aru by means of pahalgam.

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Area: 107 km From Srinagar Via Pahalgam (11 km), Kashmir Region.

Conifer spread mountains, snow secured crests with brilliant sun beams against the blue sky, and the shaded valley of the Lidder waterway shape the character of Aru. A well known slope station in the trans-Himalayan locale, Aru is fundamentally an immense prairie that is encompassed by a limited valley or gorge on one side. The sprouting nature in the midst of cool atmosphere makes the still and tranquil Aru a standout amongst the most lovely slope resort of Kashmir. Like all other uneven zones of J&K, Aru likewise offers you a brilliant perspective of water reserviors and mountains. In Aru, the most lovely part lies with the little town houses made of wood and stone. Aru is the ideal destination to enjoy a reprieve shape the contamination, clean and stretch of city life at an elevation of 2708 meters.

Day 13: ARU

Entire day photography visit in Aru.

The 24 km long trekking course to the Kolahoi icy mass (the leader of the Lidder Valley) at an elevation of 3,200 meters is a noteworthy fascination at Aru. Lidderwat glade is another mainstream track for trekking. While trekking one can have the perspective of this shocking place and even the sentimental dusk from a high slope.

Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve is a decent place to hang out to detect some uncommon and jeopardized creatures. This Biosphere Reserve is encompassed by thick green timberland, comprising Conifers, Abies pindrow, Cedrus deodara, Pinus griffithii, Aesculus indica, and so on alongside a few bushes and herbs. The store occupies imperiled types of creatures, for example, Musk Deer, Leopard, Hangul, Snow Cock, Monal, Brown bear, Koklas, Hare, Serow, Rhesus Macaque, Gray Langur, Himalayan Mouse, and so on.

Day 14 : Aru - Srinagar air terminal

After breakfast continue to Srinagar to take a flight for Delhi.

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